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Consumer trust lies with original content sites

The social media hype continues to grow and every day more and more businesses are joining social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The UK Search Engine Marketing Benchmark Report 2010 stated that 78% of companies now market themselves on Facebook and 81% on Twitter, an increase of 49% from 2009.
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Local Businesses- How to Gain High Quality Leads From Multi-Platform Advertising

It can often be hard for local businesses to find the correct advertising channel to generate the best leads and you often hear the question: “Should I move my advertising budget elsewhere?” The answer is that it should not be moved but spread across multiple platforms to allow for greater market reach and high quality leads.
Australian Yellow Pages provider Sensis opened up a temporary pizza restaurant in an alleyway recently and spread their advertising across multiple platforms. They had listings within their own online directory, paper directory and also across search engines and social media sites.
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Rage Against The Machine Christmas No.1- Now It’s Your Turn!

Rage Against The X Factor

As many of you will have been aware, there has been a Facebook campaign to get Rage Against The Machine Christmas No.1 so that the X Factor winner Joe McElderry did not give Simon Cowell and the X Factor another Christmas No.1

The Campaign worked and Rage Against The Machine- Killing In The Name Of beat Joe Mcelderry-It's A Climb to the Number One spot. This just goes to show how Facebook and Social Media can generate such an impact.

Facebook has more than 350 million active users, and 50% of those login at least once a day to Facebook. This makes Facebook a valuable platform for getting your message across, in a similar way to the creators of the RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE FOR CHRISTMAS NO.1 Page. Not only can you create pages but users will help spread the massage by creating similar groups or by updating their status.

Facebook allows users to create Facebook Pages for Businesses, which gives you a platorm to promote yourself and provide "Fans" with useful information and perhaps offers. A good example of this is STA Travels Page They provide information on travel, and also give links to stores. They also encourage fans to discuss travel within their page.

Facebook and Twitter are a great way to promote viral content which can be positive or negative, it's basically just a way to create debate and in turn gives your article or discussion a lot of exposure. The RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE FOR CHRISTMAS NO.1 Page did this well because they knew there were many like minded people out there who did not want X Factor and Simon Cowell being No.1 again.

Here are some Tips for using Facebook for Social Media:-

  1. Create viral content that is likely to cause a stir or create debate.
  2. Promote content on Facebook in Twitter and link to good content on the Facebook page.
  3. Introduce offers that interest people.
  4. Have competitions or "Invite a Friend" campaigns to help your Facebook page grow.
  5. Most Importantly always keep on top of your page so that you don't have out of date content.
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