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Why User Interface & Branding Are Now More Important For SEO

Mike Blumenthal posted yesterday that Google Local appear to be taking business reviews from non-tradional sources such as blogs. Here is an example blog post- Von Ray is awesome. If you live in Portland and you need a trainer, you should call him to talkā€¦ The section of text below is where Google Local is picking up the review from

You can see this review by searching for VC Fitness Portland in Google Maps Taking a look at the above segment of text, it appears that Google are taking the telephone number and associating it with the Google Maps listing, perhaps also picking up on the location "Portland" This is the same method that Google have been using to gain citations/links, from places like Yelp! and local directory sites. The weighting of these are not really known yet but I can imagine they will be fairly high as a blog post with a review is a lot rarer than a review from somewhere like Yelp! Read More